What does Voice of Hope do?

“Voice of Hope” is an evangelistic ministry founded for the purpose of reaching men and women, young and old with a message of hope. Through the preaching of the gospel lives are changed by the Power of God.

Voice of Hope’s Evangelist D.R. Harrison conducts Youth Rallies, Revival meetings in Churches, Conferences, Special services and crusades in foreign countries, preaching to thousands each year. Evangelist Harrison has a powerful testimony of God’s life changing power that he experienced and the impact on those that hear is nothing more than miraculous.

A young man changed by the power of God preaching a timeless message of hope is what Voice of Hope is all about. You will be blessed by this message!

We need your help to reach the world!

Voice of Hope

We have already reached so many people and we plan to continue expanding. Help us continue our reach through support of our ministry

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