Holly Bailey Says:

“My mom got rededicated in the revival. We are blessed to have got to be a very small part of God’s big plains for this revival. I think we are just getting started. I thank God every day for this revival and for sending DR and his family in our lives.”

Melissa Shelton Says:

On April 15th I sat down in “my church” for the first service of revival. As D.R. took the pulpit, I said to myself “this’ll be a good week, he sure is preaching to the lost.” Nights two, three, and four came about, and bam! Night four is a service I don’t think I’ll ever forget. On this night, the message was preached about having a clean heart as a Christian, and right then I knew how bad I NEEDED to be revived. In the almost two years I had been saved, it was evident that I had gathered much pride in my heart. I was holding grudges, bitterness, and anger inside that was keeping me from being the Christian I could and should be. Night four of this revival began to change my entire life. Fast forward to today, 5 months later, there’s no describing how this revival has changed my life. I pray I never go back to how I was before this revival. I pray my burden will only grow stronger for the lost. I pray I never again will be bones that just show up on a church pew. God has revived me in many ways in this revival, and still, yet he’s still working on me. Hallelujah!

Danny Primm Says:

Well where to start for over 30 years I lived the life of a Christian and thought I was saved I held positions in the church mowed the grass I had Jesus in my life or so I thought. We had a 4 night revival scheduled from September 10th - 13th 2017 with DR Harrison on the 1st night I was so busy i really didn’t pay much attention to the preaching I was saved on my way to heaven he wasn’t really talking to me anyway or so I thought. The second night rolled around and I was listening to the Man of God preach and God started speaking to me through him. I realized I didn’t have a relationship with God and it scared me. But not enough to get up out of my seat all I could think about is what would all these brothers and sisters think that I’ve been going to church with all these years. The 3rd night rolled around and I had laid awake the night before and all day thinking and searching my heart by the time church started on that Wednesday night I was under deep conviction I set through the whole service couldn’t say a word couldn’t do anything just stare at the preacher as soon as he made mention of an alter call I could not get there fast enough that was on September 13 2017 I was Gloriously saved and I am for ever protected By Gods amazingGrace. At that time I had a Son that was in jail he had run with the wrong crowd and got strung out on drugs and started stealing to pay for his habit I asked Brother DR to pray for him as well as my church family we put him on the prayer list and we held prayer meeting every Wednesday and prayed specifically for the needs of each person on that List. He Got out of jail in October 2017 and was doing good working everyday but he still didn’t have a relationship with God I asked him about going with me to the Greenville Revival and he turned me down said he didn’t have time. His Fiancée is saved and she came and talked to me about him. I told her I would love for him to go hear Bro DR preach but he wouldn’t go so she started talking to him and told him she wanted to go out to that revival that I had been sharing on my FB page and he agreed that he would go. So they held a youth crusade on July 7th I sent DR a message and told him we were coming and to be praying for my Son who was lost and he did. We got there and the spirit of God was all over the grounds we set through the music and the preaching and when they had alter call my son was one of the 1 st ones on the alter and cried his way to Jesus. On July 7th of this year I had the honor of being Baptized with my Son and our life’s will never be the same. Brother Dr you just don’t know what your faithfulness To God means to me and my family. Love you my dear friend.

Randy Rice Says:

Forever thankful for what God has done for me and my family during the Greeneville Awakening!!!! My heart has been forever changed. God has saved my youngest son, my two daughters, my two sister-in-laws, my brother-in-law, my niece, my father-in-law, my neighbors, some friends, and many more!!!!! God has allowed me to be a small part in something that I will never be able to forget. Thankful for all the new friends and brothers and sisters in Christ!!! The presence of God is worth everything!!!! To God be the glory!!!!!!!!!

Preacher Larry Browder Says:

For 58 plus years I have longed and prayed for a revival like I witnessed in my childhood. I began to feel that those days may be over. But thank the Lord I have been able to personally witness God working in changing the lives of the young and old through his wonderful amazing grace and Holy Ghost power as a result of the word of God being preached. It has given me hope that God is still willing and ready to respond to the call of his people when they call out to him. I will take these experiences to my grave while at the same time feeling that God can do even greater things than what we have seen happen at the Greeneville Awakening. I am also glad that God can use a young man to preach the word of God in the power of the Holy Spirit for five and a half months!. To God be the glory for all that has been done and I have grown stronger in the Lord as a result!

Nina Blake Collins Says:

My family has been changed forever, and I am truly thankful. My oldest son and his wife, and my daughter, all grew so much in the Lord during the revival. So did I, and for the first time in years I have let go of anger, bitterness, and felt peace. But the greatest part for my family happened on two consecutive nights when my two sons gave their hearts to the Lord. The differences in our family time since then, both in quantity and quality, have been remarkable. The nights we shared under the tent, all worshipping together as children of God, are unforgettable to this blessed Mom. So thankful for allowing us to be a part of an outpouring of God’s spirit and love. We will never forget it!

Terry Poore Says:

Having been saved since 1990 and coming from a background that was void of all knowledge of God, Since then I have never entertained the idea of ‘leaving’ Christ. Where would I go? I was pretty content with my ‘walk’; not being involved in obvious sins… you know, the biggies like drinking, drugs, pornography, cussing and such. I have always attended church faithfully. The people around me would verify that I was a ‘Christian’. Then… The Greeneville Awakening. At first, I thought that the messages were a bit harsh on the church, but after sincere soul searching, I came to the realization that we,(me) have become relatively ineffective for Christ and that lost are far too comfortable congregating with the ‘saved’. We have fought so hard to make everyone feel welcome and we, (me) are guilty of dumbing down the Power of a Holy God. People that are lost, on their way to hell, should NEVER be comfortable, ESPECIALLY around the people of God. I am a work in progress and beyond thankful that God chose Chuckey Tennessee to set up camp so that my community, my county, my world could be reached with the gospel through the preaching of a man solely chosen by God for this task. D R (Harrison) is adamant that he is not here to make friend or foe, only that he is burdened for the lost. I truly believe that, HOWEVER, he has made a forever friend in the life of this ‘ole sinner saved by grace.

Jason Hensley Says:

The most important thing Greeneville Awakening has done for me personally is to show me a “more perfect” picture of the Holiness of God and a clearer picture of MY righteousness as filthy rags compared to the perfection of a 3 xs Holy God. It has also shown me the chains of apathy, indifference, bitterness, anger, PRIDE and ARROGANCE that I have been bound by as they have increasingly tightened over the last 12 years. It has shown me the importance of true discipleship the church as a body has failed to be faithful to do and helped me to pray and offer myself to the Lord to correct at least locally. It has helped my wife and I see a clearer picture of the truth surrounding us and the world we live in. It has given me a new love for ALL my Christian brothers and sisters that I’m called to have. It has shown me how as a human made of the same clay as every other human, I fail at this call to love as many times as I succeed. It has knit my heart together with new people that share experience, joy, and burden that otherwise I never would have even sought out let alone met. Finally (though I could go on and on I won’t), it has given me hope and shown me the doubt I had toward God and all I thought He could or would do for a lost and dying world and through repentance of that doubt, and begging God to help me in mine unbelief, I look forward to seeing the future He has already written that I have yet to see!

Loretta Metcalf Says:

I began reading D.L Moody’s books about 4 or 5 years ago. Then I stumbled upon R.A. Torrey’s book called the pursuit of the Holy Spirit and it taught me who, what, how to obtain, and not to offend the Holy Spirit. I read how Torrey was a preacher but desired the anointing that Moody had, and so he went into his study prayed and told God he was not leaving until he gave him what Moody had. God did and what a difference it made! I read of the revival and the anointing of Gods people. I longed so much to be a part of that. Wished I been born then. I did not know of this revival until recently. My mother in law Betty. Beach invited us. We, of course, hooked right up. My dream has come true. I told my husband that’s the likes of a Moody talking revival in Chuckey, TN. Being so far from where we live in Bullsgap, TN could be talking about what we were desiring 5-years ago. I’m excited that revival is and will be in Chuckey, TN!!! You’ve seen nothing yet! Wait until God gives his people their second wind!!

Kim Poore Kreeger Says:

God has absolutely turned my life upside down through the Greeneville Awakening. I got saved at the age of 6 and have lived a Christian life throughout my life but I had become comfortable. I didn’t have a passion for serving God. God started convicting my heart after a week or so under the tent. I begged God for forgiveness for growing so cold and told Him my life was His and to do with it whatever He saw fit. Since then He has completely changed my life. My prayer life is the strongest its ever been. I read my Bible more than I ever have before. My attitude towards my brothers and sisters in Christ has changed. My attitude towards sinners has changed. I desire more than anything to have the Spirit of God in my life. It has been said that once you’ve been in the fire, smoke will never do. I don’t have time for dead religion. I don’t want to just go through the motions. I crave the Spirit. I will never be the same and have no desire to be! God has been way too good to me and is so worthy of my praise!

Misty Hipsher Says:

God has been more than good to my family! We are blessed beyond what we deserve! We are blessed that God has lead us to the Revival and for all the friends and family we have made through it! We are thankful! Keep on fighting the good fight! We love you all!

Jaime Greer Says:

Where do I begin?! God has done some powerful things for our family! Jonathan Greer and I both got saved through the Greeneville Awakening. The Devil sure has tested us. We lost our home to a house fire, family members being sick, and now just lost a family member. However, we have turned everything over to God! With doing so, we have come through everything with a positive attitude the best way we know how. With all of this going on, we have missed more nights at the tent than we wanted to, but our faith is still very strong!! I’m forever changed and forever thankful for Greeneville Awakening and David R Harrison and everyone involved with the tent revival!!

Glenna Smith Says:

I was in a really bad dark place when Revival started at Greystone. I had lost my husband suddenly an I was mad at God for that and other things I had been through. But on April 17th, 3rd night of revival the Holy Spirit came to me so strong! My heart was pounding an I was having a panic attack I thought! But it got so strong that when the preacher asked if you were saved or lost, I knew I was lost:(. I had already cried the whole service but I almost run on my crutches to the altar and I barely made it before I burst into sobbing and begging God to forgive me and save me from the torment I had been through for so long! When I asked God to save me and thanked Him for Jesus dying and shedding His Blood for me to live, I felt an instant calm over my body that I hadn’t felt in years:)! When I left the church that evening and walked outside, it was so beautiful! It was like I was seeing a place I had never seen. The sky was so blue, the grass so green and the sunshine so bright like a light shining on my face! There was a very light breeze blowing – it was a breeze like I felt at the grave when my husband was buried. It was not like the wind blowing…It was such a gentle breeze I knew it was God:)! He saved me from a life of desperation and such despair I had considered taking my life:(. From that evening on I’ve known without a doubt God is with me even thru very hard times like when my Mom died in May! I wasn’t mad at God anymore! I knew he had mercy on my husband and my Mom because they were suffering so much:(. I can now say God Is So Good because I have felt his mercy and grace myself:)! The heavy burdens I was carrying all alone were gone!!! I now know God will never leave me and He’s right there every time I call on Him! I miss and love my family but Gods Grace makes you thankful for those difficult times that have made you strong enough to endure whatever life gives you! I’ve had several friends saved and 2 beautiful granddaughters saved during the #GreenevilleAwakening and our lives are changed forever:)! God has answered so many prayers in my life in the past 4 months I can’t name them allIf you haven’t accepted Christ yet then you should because He will take those burdens away! The Bible says leave your cares at the feet of Jesus and it’s true! Take it to Jesus an He will carry those burdens for you and change your life:)! I’ll never go back to that place in the darkness! God is love and that’s where I always want to be! Walking with God every minute of every day! I’m so thankful God called on me that evening! Because He saved my oldest granddaughter who was using drugs an on a bad path straight to Hell. She’s a different young lady today all because she invited Jesus into her heart an He immediately made a change in her It’s obvious when I speak to her and when I look at her that God is in control now! Bless the Lord God!

Mark Bundy Says:

What I’ve gotten from the Greeneville Awakening. After much prayer, God provided a way for me to attend a couple of nights. That first night God got a hold of me about some personal issues. I left them at the altar. The second night God gave me a burden for revival in my home area of Dayton, Ohio. That night I surrendered to evangelism and get busy up here and get my ministry partner going. CPR Ministries is now formed because what is happening in Greeneville/Chuckey TN. And doors are opening.

Dylan Bailey Says:

There aren’t words that honestly describe what God has done for me these past 5 months. God has truly changed my life in ways I could have never imagined. Week 3 I answered the call to Preach after running for 4 years. God opened my eyes to his power and how he can change lives If you just trust him. I’ve got to witness my dad’s life change. I’ve got to witness him put down bottle out of his hand a replace it with a Bible I’ve got to experience the love and desire that Dad and I both had for golf turn into a love and desire for God. I have got to see my family changed forever. I got to see my Step Dad saved my mom’s life changed. I’ve seen prayer answered after 40 years like Rex. God has given me the opportunity to lead people to the Lord. He gave me the honor of leading Chase Bailey to the Lord just days before he passed away. He allowed me to lead the brother of someone I hold dear to my heart to the Lord. He has placed men like Jason Hensley, Nick Bailey, Roger Stockton, Brian Lester and D.R. Harrison, that I never would have met or grown as close to if it wasn’t for this meeting. God has surrounded me with men to help me grow and allowed me to obtain wisdom from. I can’t thank God enough for what he’s done he took an ole spoiled brat like me who deserved nothing but the pits of hell and he cleaned me up, no I haven’t been perfect, yes I’ve messed up but he never forsake me and never gave up on me and drew me back to him. I so thankful today my cup runneth over!!!

Beverly Gentry Says:

During the Greeneville Awakening, I was able to Greystone and that is when I got closer to the Lord. I haven’t been to the tent much, because of my sickness. But, one thing that has helped me was when DR said have you thanked God through your bad times. I started thanking God for my sickness and makes days so much better. I’m so thankful that it’s on the radio now…No words to say what Greeneville Awakening and DR. has meant to me. This revival is the is the real thing. So, thankful for the many souls that have been saved.

Pastor Nick Bailey Says:

God has used the GREENEVILLE AWAKENING to relight and rekindle the fire in my life for serving the Lord and doing His work. Spiritually speaking, my love for Christ and my passion for ministry is greater now than it ever has been. My prayer life is stronger, my burden for souls is greater, and I have a desperate hunger to see God send revival to our generation that I’ve never had before. What I’ve seen God do during the Greeneville Awakening is nothing short of miraculous. I’ve seen souls saved, lives changed, prayers answered and God’s power revealed over the last five months more so than maybe in my entire life combined. What God has done in Greeneville is something a man can’t take credit for, but can only be attributed to the undeniable work of the hand of God.

Pastor Bobby Allen Says:

My wife and I came to the Greenville Awakening seeking to finally see true revival. We had some doubts because we’ve been praying to see it take place for so long. When we arrived and got under the tent, we found that it definitely wasn’t manufactured by man. The Holy Spirit was there and we witnessed forty precious souls get saved. We also saw saints of God crying out for forgiveness and getting right. Only the filling of the Spirit can do that. My wife and I left seeing that God Can! So Blessed!

Jennifer Susong Says:

Oh my my-my I don’t even know where to start other then God has been so good!!!!… Greeneville Awakening has blessed me beyond anything I could ever explain in a short paragraph… It would take a book for me to tell the world what God has done in my heart through this revival… I have witnessed so many miracles! I am so humbled, so blessed, and so thankful by what God has done in my life, my friend’s life, my families life, and my church families life… to see God move in such a way that He has through this revival, is something I will keep in my heart forever and forever… I am forever changed, I am forever blessed, I am forever grateful to my Lord for allowing me for such a time as this and for the opportunity to see so many lives be changed… the journey of this revival has come with many different emotions, but I wouldn’t trade anything for it… my prayer is that we all will be awakened in our hearts and keep a burden for those that are lost… there is NOTHING more important in this world than seeing a lost person be saved!!!… so I end the same as I started with—- oh my my my how we need revival in this day and time…We need a burden for lost souls as Christians… We need prayer more then we have ever needed prayer…May God be with us and may God be with Voice of hope ministries… You have certainly been a blessing to me… much prayers and love !!

Judy Pickering Says:

This revival has meant more to me than I can put into words. Our lives, our relationships, our home has been strengthened. I have been in church, revivals, camp meetings all of my life and I have never seen God work as He has at Greeneville Awakening. No matter how much opposition, when His people cried out He answered. Just like He promised. So why am I surprised? Probably more than anything, I’ve learned that you can be a “Christian”, but without His power behind it you’re not gonna be a good witness or a soldier for Him in the way He desires. I’ve always wanted to be bold in my faith but always seemed to lack something. Along with physical circumstances I’ve experienced in the last year AND this revival, I am now able to be bold for Christ and I am loving it!
People from all walks of life, all denominations come together to pray for the lost and worship together! Oh yea, about the lost! Over 700 saved or rededicated? People! That’s 700 lives not going to a devils hell! Questionable you ask? These are not trumped up numbers. These are by folks own admission. Nobody drugged, beat them, dragged them, browbeat them, they walked to an altar on their own. My 12-year-old grandson being one of them! And then Friday night a dear friend who’s been wanting “something” in her life, found it, JESUS! Praise God!! I could PREACH right now! I’ll admit this right now. The 1st time I went to the tent and DR said he’d only been saved two years, my immediate thought was, now wait, just a minute. Well In just a minute God showed me that this man was truly anointed and every word that flowed from his mouth was thru the Holy Spirit and it didn’t matter if he’d been saved 2 years or 75 years! I love the fact that they are real people with real life experience (I’m terribly sorry they had to endure pain they did while in sin), that turned it around instead of a preacher with a piece of paper from a seminary. Don’t mean a hill of beans if you don’t have the power. And They have the POWER!

When the tent is packed and gone (no time soon I hope), I will carry this with me until I can no longer remember my name or the roll is called up yonder.

Stan & Jeannie Bailey Says:

If you put all the things that people have said about how God has changed their lives thru the Greeneville Awakening, it seems like it wouldn’t amount to half of what myself, my wife and my family have experienced over the last few months. Though I have been saved since I was young, it almost feels like I’ve been born again. My priorities have changed, my passion for Christ has been rekindled and I have a burden for the lost, our churches and true awakening like I’ve never had. All GLORY to God! I wake up every day anticipating that this will be the day that God pours out his Spirit on us and the true awakening we’ve been earnestly seeking will take place. If not today, then I’ll wake up tomorrow with the same thought. There’s no place I’d rather be than under that tent, not because there’s anything inherently good about the tent but God has chosen to be there and I want to be where he Is! I know it’s not my decision to make when the tent comes down, it’s God’s. However, I’ve experienced today God’s presence in our service this morning and have heard of others who said the same thing about their services. I sense the tide is turning and a great movement of God is imminent and I think a lot of people feel the same way. Let’s keep praying, fasting and trusting and trusting that God WILL hear, forgive and heal. That being said, whatever He wills and wherever He leads, I will never be able to thank brother D R, Brian, Laura, Amanda and their families for all they’ve done thru their obedience to God and their many sacrifices for our communities, our nation, and even the world! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

Nicole Hopson Riddle Says:

Mere earthly words don’t seem to adequately describe what this revival has meant in my life. God has saved me and my entire family including my 81-year-old dad. God took away my brother physically 3 years ago and my parents left me emotionally at that time too. But because of this revival God has given me my parents back. He has saved my friends, current and former players of mine and has given me joy unspeakable and a boldness to tell anyone and everyone that will listen. God has given me a love for other people and has changed my priorities completely. This revival has allowed me to meet good Christian friends that I will cherish for a lifetime. I am thankful for Roger Stockton bringing DR, Laura, Amanda, and Brian to our town. We love all of you and we love your kids like our own.

Amanda Lester Says:

To say that the Greeneville Awakening has changed my life is such an injustice to the truth. Not only did I witness my daughter finally getting her heart right with Jesus, but I was also witness to so many more miracles that have changed me completely. My faith in prayer and God’s amazing grace has been heightened beyond belief. To watch my spiritual family grow and prosper right before my very eyes is such a blessing and something that I will never forget. The relationships/friendships/family that we have developed during this revival with the wonderful people of Greeneville, Chuckey, and the surrounding areas will go with me everywhere we go, from state to state, from town to town.

Michael Adams Says:

The words of testimony echo throughout this post. How God has forever changed and blessed lives. One great thing I heard by listening on internet radio is: With God’s blessings comes great responsibility. How true. Now through his blessings, if all are accountable to them this revival, fires will spread. I have been encouraged as well as blessed by listening each night that I could. Though not there in person, but, in spirit of prayer, we have continually lifted The Greeneville Awakening in prayer. We pray God has his way and brings revival like this to the greater Dayton, Ohio area.

Kaitlyn Foulks Says:

During the Greeneville Awakening, God has really done a work in my life. Through this revival, my faith has grown. I’ve become hungry for the Word of God. I’ve seen so many of my loved ones get closer to, and give there lives to Christ!

David Dunbar Says:

During the revival in 22 weeks my sister has been saved/ my niece has also trusted Christ and I have with the GRACE of God beat the addiction of cigarettes/ God has been so good to me I could go on and on/ glory be to God! AMEN

Melissa Shelton Says:

Two simple words: forever changed!

Ashley Fletcher Says:

I have been going through a very rough year. I just got divorced/my parents wouldn’t even talk to me/and my job was at stake, but on Nov 8th in that tent, my whole life was changed. As soon as DR started to preach I felt the holy ghost. I started crying. I have been trying to find a church and I usually go to the LDS but I was missing something from that church. So a friend asked me to come to the tent revival and I did. I found what I was missing at the LDS church in that tent on Nov.8th.

Bernie Justice Says:

I had been praying my whole life for forgiveness of my wretched life of sin. I had most always sought with tears in prayer even driving and start crying that I could not see. I would pull off of the interstate and face to the asphalt in bitter sorrow praying. But nothing in me or of me is was worthy of anything. The Greeneville Awakening revival was all just what God had in store for me! I had sought in prayer all I could think of to reach the very portals of heaven. Enough about “I”.I am not worthy at all for anything outside of Jesus Christ! July 16th a Monday night a voice told me at the cedar altar “accept Him”!Then that Friday night July 20th I went crawling to the altar and fell under such heavy conviction I couldn’t make it there. I felt so broken inside fully I prayed like never before. Such heavy conviction filled me I prayed so hard for forgiveness. I have gotten so much peace and assurance of God washed thoroughly clean of all my sins of the past by the blood by the blood of the precious holy Lord Jesus Christ God’s only Son! I live now daily moment by moment with a deep settled peace that God has it all, had it all, and has it done in anything and everything that comes my way! Thank You Thank You Glory Honor and Praise to You my God and my redeemer for saving me wholly in the time such as this! He speaks to me by name and has always without end assured me of any and all things that I don’t have to deal with or face by myself! Thank you D R for your boldness love heartful preaching of the thrice Holy God’s inerrant infallible word of infinite truth! Thank You God and thank You Jesus for everything past present and future that You have purposed and promised for all your chosen people! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Glory to God! Thank You, God that You had purposed before, in the beginning, a victorious revival to be in Greene county Greeneville Tennessee and how You got me here to be a part of it! And for always having been there for me my whole entire life and got me through it all by Your marvelous wondrous glorious mercy and grace!

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