Why Tent Crusades?

Voice of Hope ministry strives to keep local churches connected to our past heritage particularly revival. Part of our past is the Tent Ministry. Using a tent allows us to preach the gospel to people that may not come to a traditional church. The tent has a curiosity connected to it. It draws people and they can hear and be saved. The tent also can serve to help evangelize an area for the purpose of planting a local church. The tent ministry is one of the most powerful tools in evangelism.

Congregating together to worship Christ, View our calendar below.

The Greeneville Awakening
1005 Quaker Knob Road, Chuckey, TN

June 11, 2018 – Until

Where Will We Go Next?
If you would like to see our next Tent Revival take place in your to town,
send us a message and let us know!

Voice of Hope Tent Crusades

VOH has seen thousands of souls saved through our tent ministry. We need your help to continue.

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