The Greeneville Awakening

What started as a 5 night scheduled Revival, finished its 30th and final week on November 9th with over 935 people Trusting Christ! Over 500 churches from 32 states have been present under the tent and listeners from over 40 countries have tuned in via Please continue to pray for Revival in America – join our e-newsletter and follow us on Social Media to stay in the loop with what’s new with the Voice Of Hope Ministry! To God Be All the Glory!

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Watch the CBN Interview with D.R. Harrison on July 7th, 2018

CBN Interviews Evangelist D.R. Harrison as the Greeneville Awakening Tent Revival goes into its 13th week in Chuckey, TN.

Souls Saved For Christ Through The Greeneville Awakening:


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Greeneville Awakening Testimonials

“Through the Greeneville Awakening God has REVIVED me. He let my darkened vision see things in a different light. He has restored a spirit that had grown cold and dry before I started attending. I have a new fire in my heart!!”
Kip Kreeger

“The Greeneville Awakening has meant so much to me. These past weeks I’ve seen my grandson saved, 6 of my granddaughter’ s friends at church and my spirit renewed, which I thank God for!”
Betty Beach

“My mom got rededicated in the revival. We are blessed to have got to be a very small part of God’s big plains for this revival. I think we are just getting started. I thank God every day for this revival and for sending DR and his family in our lives.
Bobbi Gouge

“…talk about a wake-up call! When the invitation was given I couldn’t wait to get to the altar! I got down unsure of where I’d go if I died that night but Oh my, I got up knowing that I was going to spend eternity in heaven with Jesus! My life is forever changed!”
Christie Key

“It has been the absolutely biggest blessing to witness my friends and family getting saved and watching families be put back together, and watching lives be completely changed. I’m just so thankful God chose little Greeneville, TN for this tent and D.R and his family to come to. Our lives will never be the same!”
Ashley Bailey

“This revival has been a supernatural movement of a Holy God and his presence has never been more evident. I thank God for his Mercy and Grace throughout the Greenville Awakening – what he’s done, what he’s doing and what he’s going to do!”
Michael Garland