East Tennessee Awakening


Pastor Ron Says:

Bittersweet is the word that comes to mind concerning the Great Tent Revival at Rogersville. Over 15,000 watched Evg. D.R Harrison night after night pour out his heart for the lost and God showing his love to all by anointing D.R. On a level that marveled over 100 ministers of all faiths and denominations. On the night of Satans all-out attack on D.R. orchestrated right out of the Pit of Hell as he was preaching with a high level of anointing not seen much any more D.R fell to the stage after suffering a heat stroke. God had placed a young man EMT in the tent that night who by the grace of God was able to stabilize D.R. Till the ambulance came. I standing on the stage holding the fan trying to keep D.R.cool witnessed a hand full of saints desperately doing all they could to help our beloved Brother…as multiple hundreds were passionately praying for God to intervene. Fast forward weeks later after Evg David took over the pulpit and amazed me preached on a level comparable to D.R. ( The apple didn’t fall far from the tree)… our beloved D.R returned to the tent to a packed out Tent all waiting for his return. An evening to remember!! As I woke up Sunday morning In prayer God through his Spirit showed me what I could handle of what happened that night in the spiritual realm. As D.R. fell to the stage Satan himself sent a Very Powerful high-level Death Angel to the big tent. As it got close I felt Heaven shake and as the sound of a trumpet, I heard one word come out the mouth of God (NO)… That one Word out of God’s Mouth (No) was so powerful it immediately dispatched Warring Angels to descend at lighting speed to the big Tent in Rogersville. I saw God’s angels attack the powerful Death Angel from all sides. And my friends the rest is history. This battle lasted for days. Wow, Ya tell me about it I had to try to put what I saw in words as I tremble as I write.  The greatest No of the revival happened that night. I have I totally new respect and outlook on God’s no’s. We don’t like God to say no but God’s no’s are our protection!!! D.R. There’s a great sermon in this and if I might have the liberty I will give u the title ::: The Sweetest No I Ever Heard By D.R. Harrison. WOW WOW WOW. Church you simply can’t make this stuff up!

Hannah Page Says:

I got saved back in February when Bro DR came to Faith Assembly to preach a youth rally. That moment God changed my life. Then the tent came to Rogersville and I was so excited to see what God was going to do! During the East Tennessee Awakening, God has done so much for me and my family! I was able to see my Great Aunt saved!! I have grown spiritually, and I have a close relationship with God. For months I have been praying for my Dad to be saved and now I have so many people helping me pray for him, and I couldn’t be more thankful. Being able to lead someone to Jesus is just an amazing feeling that I’ll never forget! I’ve experienced a true move of God! It has started a fire in me that I want to grow and never burn out!!!! I won’t ever be satisfied with the smoke again, I want the FIRE! I give all the Glory To God for what he has done in the 14 weeks of the tent revival.  I thank God for the privilege to be a small part in the East Tennessee Awakening, and I thank him for Voice Of Hope, and their willingness and Faithfulness! GLORY TO GOD!! 

Sing unto the LORD; for he hath done excellent things: this is known in all the earth
Isaiah 12:5 KJV

Kathy Carter Says:

I thank God that our church, My Fathers House, all got together and decided to ride down to the “tent” and check it out.  The Perry’s were singing that Friday night and it was one of the most spiritual services I had been in such a long time.  When DR preached, it felt like he was talking directly to me.  The next week we came back and it felt the same way.  We started attending regularly.  The night DR preached on “letting go of the past” was a turning point for me.  I couldn’t get to that prayer bench fast enough.  I finally gave it ALL over to God and told the devil he was not holding that on me anymore.  The tent revival changed my life and I will forever be grateful.  It is bittersweet this week as we miss going so bad.  We will, however, cherish forever the lifetime friends we made and look forward to attending the rallies coming in the future. Thank you all so much!

Roger Says:

I thank God for the tent coming to Rogersville. God used it to draw my wife and I closer. The unity felt by so many different churches under the tent has given me the opportunity to visit churches and make new friends. Most thankful for the guidance and friendship from Evangelist D.R. Harrison and Dr. David Harrison and Brian Lester. Good Godly men that hopefully will be by my side throughout my life.

Sandra Kirkpatrick Says:

The Tent Revival was so wonderful. We so enjoyed the fellowship of everyone. D.R.and David was so spiritual. We came every night but 2 we couldn’t miss. The grace of God was there and it made us so much closer to him.it was so good to meet so many nice people. We enjoyed meeting kay Harrison.she was just like family to us.we’re really going to miss seeing everyone after 14wks. The tent has made us a stronger Christian. We will certainly miss being at the tent.

Susan Chapman Says:

First of all, I want to thank GOD for saving my soul when I was 10 years old. Our family has gone through trials for the past few years. Since first going to the revival in July on the 1st Friday night that the Perry’s were there, GOD has changed our family forever by completely mending broken hearts. GOD has drawn our family closer together than we have ever been as only GOD can do. We feel that we have gained a 2nd church family. We will always be thankful and grateful that GOD allowed the tent to come to Rogersville. There will always be a very special place in my heart for all that GOD has done under the tent. I would not have missed it for anything.

Linda Cook Says:

I’m so thankful and blessed to have been under the tent and several of the Awakening Rallies this year. It has been such an Awakening in the word for such a stronger desire and excitement to be used by God to see and help others come to the Lord. I also seen a stronger desire in my daughter which had just given her heart to God a few weeks before the tent meetings started. To see that light of excitement and desire to be at the tent with her three children each night. Also the night Brother D.R. gave his testimony, he went to the altar and gave his heart to God and they both are attending church with me at Faith Home Mission Church in Morristown now. Also a sister from our church her son came into the church a few weeks ago on a Sunday night during song worship service he didn’t even stop at a pew to sit he went straight to the altar crying out to God to forgive him and to please change him from his sinful life to what he should be. He literally cried out loud begging God please God please help me and when he continued praying this way God stood him straight up from the altar jumping yelling thank you Lord Thank You Lord. It was such a blessing to the change in him that night and since then. We give God all the Glory. I’m praying daily that God sends others straight down that isle kneeling at that Holy Ghost altar and gets the deliverance they need. I’m also going to continue praying for everyone that has been touched at that tent and Voice of Hope and East Tennessee Awakening. Just a bunch of Somebody’s trying to tell Everybody about a Man that can Save your Soul. Love Y’all!

Scott Seals Says:

The night after Brother D .R. was attacked his Dad was preaching a very powerful and spirit-filled sermon,He gave 5 examples and the 5th example he said,”if a man dies without Jesus Christ in his Heart he will lift his eyes in hell and never have a second chance”,Those were exactly the words my oldest son Christopher needed to hear,Thankfully he obeyed the Holy Spirit and went to the Alter where Brother Stevie Rogers and others helped lead him to Salvation thru Jesus Christ,we now have to figure out when he wants to be baptized. The devil fought the tent revival from day one, but like everything else he tries to destroy he lost, big time. JESUS CHRIST Received COMPLETE GLORY FROM EVERYTHING THAT WENT HAPPENED UNDER THAT TENT. The Unity of the people, the Prayers Prayed, The Sermons Preached, it was ALL Done for HIS GLORY. We love y’all and look forward to eternity together with our Lord and Saviour.

Pastor Steve Rogers Says:

The Awakening East TN revival was just that and awakening because it woke me up! I was discouraged down and out and was thinking of never pastoring again! But from the first night I came I just had to go back because souls were being saved and GOD was moving in a mighty way in our little town like I haven’t seen and heard of in a long time! Especially in out town Rogersville TN I cannot recall a revival in a tent this big lasting for 14 weeks and 200 souls being saved! This revival recharged me and encouraged me with wonderful messages from GOD through His preachers  Brother D.R. Harrison and is Dad David Harrison! Messages like “GOD HAS GOT A PLAN”  and “IS THERE NOT A CAUSE” and “DON’T MISS THE MOMENT” From Brother D.R. and “I WANT A DOUBLE PORTION” and “IF THEY HAD ONLY LISTENED”  and “PROTECTING THE SACRIFICES”! Those messages along with many more keep ringing out in my head and my heart keeping the revival going in my heart for the desire to see the church grow and most of all to see souls saved! I made a lot of new Christian friends there and two new powerful preachers friends whom I dearly love and have been blessed to come to know and hear preach! Also, GOD gave me a new church and the desire to pastor again and to do what this verse says Luke 14:23KJV “AND THE LORD SAID UNTO THE SERVANT, GO OUT INTO THE HIGHWAYS AND HEDGES, AND COMPEL THEM TO COME IN, THAT MY HOUSE MAY BE FILLED.” Thanks, Brother D.R. and Brother David Harrison we love you all and are praying for you all!

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