Please Join Us In Prayer During This Time Of Need


Recent Updates on DR Harrison’s Medical Status

Wednesday, October 9:

Bro DR is so thankful for the continued outpouring of prayer and support from all over the world. Your faithful prayers are being heard by our Amazing God!

Yesterday Bro DR had more tests ran and meetings with his doctors. We are so thrilled to announce that DR has progressed SUBSTANTIALLY this week in his treatments and the test results today were staggering!

Tests showed that Bro DR’s liver, lungs, kidneys, heart, and pancreas are all functioning at 100%. The treatments they are giving him to tackle his mercury issues are aggressively cleaning it out. This week they have wiped out nearly 70% of his mercury problem! Praise the Lord!

The tests on all areas of his brain showed more than DOUBLE increase in brain functioning from last week which means the treatments are aggressively destroying the parasite in his brain. The doctors said that next week they believe they will be able to start treatments on restoring what the parasite has damaged in Bro DR’s brain!

There was a lot of shouting and Praising the Lord in the doctor’s office between DR and his main doctor, Dr Ward! No doubt God ordained this man, for such a time as this, to oversee caring for Bro DR!

Bro DR loves each of you and asks that you continue to pray as God is doing miraculous things in his life and is simply writing another chapter in this amazing journey he has entrusted he and his family with!

God bless you all and To God be the Glory GREAT things HE hath done and is going to do!

Thank you all so much! God Bless.



Thank you for taking the time to pray for DR Harrison and his family during this difficult time. You may also send a message of Encouragement and Good Will directly to the Voice of Hope Staff and D.R. Harrison, and his Family by filling out the form below. 


Some have inquired about additional ways that they may be of assistance to Voice of Hope and The Harrison Family. Right now we don’t have any idea about the medical costs related to DR’s heatstroke, however, we do expect that final costs could range from 25,000 to 40,000. If you would like to help ease the burden of these medical costs we ask that you please consider making a donation to his family that will most certainly be in financial crisis during and following his recovery.


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Past Updates

Wednesday, October 2:

FROM DR HARRISON: Yesterday I had a follow-up doctor’s appointment and there is no doubt that all of your prayers are working! Thank you all so much for the continued support and outpouring of messages of goodwill.

This is what my doctors had to say yesterday:

Last week, my brain was at a 0. 10 being perfectly healthy. Yesterday after all of my tests, my brain is at a 3 and the doctors were amazed at the progression. They also said that they believe wholeheartedly that I’ve had this parasite for a while and on September 10th my body just couldn’t fight it anymore. Without addressing this when we did, the outcome would have been much different.

The doctors did not adjust any meds for now. They want me to continue doing the same treatments this week. Next Tuesday I will return and they will run more tests to see where my progression level is and if they need to adjust anything at that time. He also said they are watching closely for any fungal infections. With the parasite, fungus tends to piggyback off of it once it begins to weaken. So they want to monitor that for sure. My mercury levels have decreased by 35% since last Tuesday. So they were very pleased with that as well.

In regards to my jaw issues from the fall, he has recommended me to a specialist in Johnson City who he feels can fix that.

I’ve lost nearly 30 lbs., but that’s a good thing. I was fairly overweight and that helped weaken my immune system along with my crazy schedule and dehydration. The doctor said that it was all a perfect storm to get my attention to address this critical issue I have. But, all in all, it was a great, encouraging visit. In the end, they said that I need to let my body rest and heal. Ultimately my body will let me know I am ready to preach again.

Thank you all so much! God Bless.

Tuesday, September 24:

DR went to see his new doctors today. After around 3 hrs of testing, they were able to determine the source of the problems he has been experiencing. We have limited information at this time however, in short, they’ve found that DR has a brain parasite eating away at his brain. This is why he has been having issues with his memory. Of course, this is very serious. The heatstroke which he suffered two weeks ago was just God’s way of getting his attention.

His team of doctors have developed an 18-week plan of treatments including 8 diff meds along with supplements and vitamins. It is imperative that they destroy the parasite and rebuild his health too. If this parasite is not treated immediately it will slowly eat away at his brain until his body completely shuts down. DR needs to drink 94 oz of water along with the meds and supplements he has been given daily to keep his body hydrated and purged. Again, this is very serious and these are all of the details that we have available at this time.

Please consider reaching out to DR. All of your thoughts and prayers are being read by him daily and really help to encourage him and lift his spirits.

You can send DR a personalized message by filling out the form below. Thank you for all of your support and God Bless.

Monday, September 23:

I saw DR Sunday afternoon. He is still having intense pain in his back and severe headaches. He is very weak and has very little strength to do anything.

DR is eating soft foods like soup and crackers etc. and is drinking a lot of fluids as well, but still does not feel up to eating much at all.

His prescribed seizure meds have lots of side effects and this is causing him to be so sick. He has cut his meds in half and the doctor is going to wean him off of these meds just a little bit at a time. He sees his new doctor Tuesday and we are hoping they can develop a plan to get him back to good health.

Please continue to pray for DR and his family. He has a long way to go. His spirits are really down and he really wants to get back on his feet. It’s just going to be a while. Thank you for all of your prayers and personalized messages! These certainly improve his mood.

~Dr. David Harrison

Wednesday, September 18:

DR has slowly been making progress after having some side effects from his seizure meds. He is walking around the house now without a cane and for the last 2 days been able to eat small portions of soft foods.

They have found a doctor who specializes in natural healing with vitamins and nutritional supplements who seems to believe that he can develop a plan to get him back on the path to good health.

This is very good news, but DR has still a long ways to go. Please keep praying. You may send DR and his Family a personalized message below which will certainly be received with Joy. All of your prayers and messages certainly help to encourage him and his loving wife Laura and their beautiful daughter Kylie, during this time of struggle.

Also, many have asked how they may be of assistance to DR, his Family, and the Ministry. We would ask that you please consider making a donation at this time to help them with what are certainly going to be enormous medical bills. You can follow the link below to make donations. Thank you and God Bless,

~Dr. David Harrison

Monday, September 16:

As many may know, Evangelist DR Harrison suffered a major Heat Stroke on September 9th and was rushed to the hospital.

We saw him Sunday afternoon and he was having a bad weekend with pain and all the aftermath from the stroke. Due to his extremely swollen tongue, he is limited in getting the nutrition he needs. Eating only a little soup and broth. We did talk him into trying some high protein drinks and he liked it so that is an option until he is able to eat better. He is in extreme pain with the compression fracture in his back and is so weak that his mobility is limited. He uses a cane and Laura helps to keep him from stumbling.

Laura texted and he may possibly be having some side effects from his seizure medicines. His doctor is going to see him tomorrow unless he gets worse then he will head to the hospital.

He is a very sick young man and all of his family and Voice of Hope desire that you pray. We know God is able.

Updates will be available here on the Voice of Hope website and our Facebook page as information comes in regarding his condition and medical status changes.

~Dr. David Harrison