“From A Bar To A Burden” The Long-Awaited Autobiography by Evangelist DR Harrison


The long-awaited new book from DR Harrison releases this fall!

“From a Bar to a Burden” is sure to have an impact on lives young and old across the globe. DR explains how his life quickly crumbled around him due to his addiction to alcohol, money, drugs, and pornography. Read how God miraculously changed his life, called him into the ministry and gave him a burden to reach the world with Hope only found in Jesus Christ! 

Answering The Call


Immediately after announcing his call to preach, God began to open up doors all over the country. Within just a couple of weeks, God allowed him to preach a revival that went into extended weeks seeing dozens of people come to know Christ as their Savior.

In these past 45 months, DR has been traveling across America preaching the gospel. He has seen nearly 6,200 people walk an isle and trust Christ as their personal Savior! This is the vision and driving force behind Voice of Hope; to see people come to know Christ through salvation. He longs to see revival come to this generation of young people so they too can experience what only the past generation has talked about.

DR is a modern day example of how quick God can change someone’s life. He can take a life that is broken, ruined by sin and bound for hell, and in the blink of an eye change that life for time and eternity!


See what others are saying about “From A Bar To A Burden”


“The Book from a Bar to a Burden is a must-read. I read the book in one sitting. Couldn’t put it down. If your a saved person, it will show how God can use you if you will surrender to him. If your a lost person, it will show you how great God’s mercy and grace is. No matter how deep you are in sin and bondage, God can save you. Its a must-read.”

Brian Lester

“DR Harrison’s new book From  A Bar To A Burden is a must-read for all believers and non-believers. To the believer, it will strengthen your belief in the inexhaustible grace and mercy of God, and to the non-believer, it will show that no matter how steeped in sin you are, you are never too far gone for God to reach down and save you, change your life, and use you to help others find hope and forgiveness in Jesus.”

Stan B

“This book is a testimony to answered prayers! Many days and nights were spent praying for my brother to be saved. I’m thankful to God that he saved my brother and has used him to write this book. Through his testimony, many lives can and will and has already been changed! Don’t ever stop praying for your lost loved ones. God still answers prayers!”

Marcey Robbins

“Just finished reading DR Harrison’s new book “From a Bar to a Burden” and I must say that it is even more powerful than I expected it to be.  Brother DR spends the majority of his book recounting the details of his life prior to his conversion, through his personal salvation experience and calling into the ministry, and on through the first few years of his revival ministry.  As I read the book, I simply could not put it down as I felt drawn by the riveting details, many of which I was already familiar with.  If there is one word I could use to describe the book, the word I would use is “compelling”.  The book is a great read for anyone who needs their spiritual fire and zeal for the Lord to be renewed and it is an especially appropriate tool to get into the hands of a lost person, as I believe the Lord will use it to win many souls for His name.  Bottom line, I recommend “From a Bar to a Burden” without reservation, and from my perspective, the sooner you can get a copy of it into your hands, the better off you will be.”

Pastor Nick Bailey

United Baptist Church

“I just read D.R.’s new book From A Bar To A Burden. I could not put the book down. It is well worth the read.”

Joey Holston

“From a Bar to a Burden is an exceptionally great book. D.R. Harrison pours his heart into this book. So many great lessons await the reader. His use of Scripture is timely and amazing. Pastors this is a must-have book for your reading! I use the phrase all the time if God can save me he can save you. Nevermore is true than in the story of Brother Harrison. God changed his life and can change yours also. All you have to do is be attentive to his calling you.”

Pastor Michael Adams

“Very encouraging to those who feel hopeless and bolsters the energy in the ones who have lost zeal on serving.”

Beverly Greene

“I Just finished reading “From A Bar To A Burden” by my friend DR Harrison. Very few books have gripped and inspired me like this one. I highly recommend it to you and anyone you may know trapped in sin and addiction.”

David Pait

“I was up late last night reading Bro DR’s book and had to force myself to put it down with tears in my eyes. I decided tonight to read some more, well I just finished the… I don’t even want to call it a book. I finished the testimony and I am beyond blessed. My troubles are real and my life is in a shambles but, I will trust in God as Bro DR has and wait for him to guide me. He is giving me strength and I will be fine because of his love and presence. Thank you Bro DR for the words of your testimony, prayers, and friendship. Your testimony is inspiring. God bless you and your family.”

David D

“I just got done reading my Brother In Christ preacher D.R. Harrison great book, “FROM A BAR TO A BURDEN!” This a great read for anyone! It shows how much GOD has a plan for each of us if we will just trust Him and obey Him! God never said it would be easy as I quote a few words from Brother D.R. Harrison’s book about how the devil will try to destroy the work of God by using other people! Here is a quote “I have learned that the people that satan never fights, are the same people that are walking in the same direction he (satan) is! If you are being fought by the devil, praise GOD! That just means you are doing something right!” Another great quote Brother D.R. quoted from Brother B.R. Lakin is “Until Victory” my friends read this book and see how God gave victory after victory to Brother D.R. Harrison and His wife Laura! How God transformed this couple’s lives to victory in Jesus! My friends read this book and you will be blessed! Thanks, Brother D.R. may GOD continue to BLESS your ministry in a mighty way!”

Pastor Stevie Rogers

“I read the book…”From a bar to a burden” by D.R. Harrison. This is a must-read. It is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful books I have ever read. If you don’t read any other book, besides the Bible, read this one!”

Tony Merritt

“I just finished reading DR Harrison’s new book, From A Bar To A Burden, and it is an awesome read! It’s an anointed book that no doubt God will use to change many lives. A wonderful example of how God’s mercy and grace can transform lives that are steeped in total bondage to sin, to lives that are totally on fire for God, and totally dedicated to seeing others lived changed for His glory. I would encourage everyone to get this book for yourselves and especially for anyone you know that may think they are too far gone for God to save or use them.”

Stan Bailey

“YOU MUST GET THIS BOOK! IT IS A LIFE CHANGER! Written by my personal friend and brother in Christ, D. R. Harrison, this book, From A Bar To A Burden, will impact your life like no other. You would be doing yourself an injustice not to get this book. If you know people who are struggling/needing deliverance GET THEM THIS BOOK.”

Evangelist Jason Page

I said I want 2020 to be a year I read more books. My first one for the year definitely didn’t disappoint! DR Harrison, I could feel the Holy Spirit all in this book from start to finish.

If you think you’ve blown God’s plan for your life, this book could change everything for you!!!

Melisa Shelton

“I just received my book from DR Harrison. From A Bar To A Burden. I started reading and couldn’t lay the book down. It blessed me more than I could imagine. God proved himself to me again . How he can take something that is so broken and put it back together. Use it for his glory. If we are willing to change our lives and turn everything over to God . I cried , I was amazed out God works things out when we feel there is no hope . Thank you DR for being honest about your life. It helps me to know when I mess up. God will forgive me and not give up on me. We have been a blessing in My life and helped me so much . Please get this book and read it. I promise it will help you. God loves and DR does to. He has a heartbeat to see souls saved. Thanks for the Greeneville Awakening and the difference God and you made in many peoples lives. Love you and Laura and sweet little Kylie.

Linda Hopson

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