The Central Georgia Awakening

106 Hortman Mill Road, Roberta, GA

Started: June 1, 2020 – Ended: July 24, 2020


158 Churches Represented

Evangelist DR Harrison talks to CBN about the Central Georgia Awakening

Special Musical Guests Include:

Awakening Crusade Choir

The Allens

Lauren Talley

Jeremy and Rachel Chupp

Of The Day

Karen Peck and New River

Karen Peck and New River

The Old Paths Quartet

The Nelons

The Nelons

Lefevre Quartet

The Lefevre Quartet

The Browders

The Browders

Joseph Habedank

Joseph Habedank

Is God Finished with America?

Central Georgia Awakening Testimonials

Havis and Pam Busbee Say:

“Finding the words to describe what God has done for us through DR and the tent is hard. We are more aware of the supernatural power of God and we are inspired to be the real Christians God intended us to be. The last eight weeks have been so humbling and so powerful that if we have to use two words to describe it, it would be SUPERNATURALLY AMAZING! “

Jennifer Evans Says:

“So the past 8 weeks I have been faithfully attending an old fashion tent revival. It has been absolutely amazing I have grown leaps and bounds and I have watched families put back together, marriages restored, addiction chains broken, hope restored, bitterness turn to forgiveness, apathy disappear and churches and lives revived. It’s been truly a blessing to be a part of. Part of me wishes I could follow the tent and work with them every day. So I could see this daily. But God reminded me that I can!!! The purpose of the tent was to revive this town!!! Roberta, Central Georgia area. We need people to stay and work and tend to the fire that’s been lit??. No one starts a fire and then leaves it unattended. I am asking that everyone continue to pray that we keep our enthusiasm and that we do our part. The fire has been started now we need people to go and spread to other parts, other churches, other families. God has been so good these past 8 weeks, I know this is the beginning of great things to come. Thank you Voice of Hope, David R Harrison Brian Lester Amanda Lester I am so thankful y’all answered the call to go!!! Our town will NEVER be the same.”

Maria Podbereski Says:

“What can I say??? LORD lead me to Roberta GA to Tent Meeting with DR Harrison for a few days…. it was awesome! It did start with a small group of people and God did WONDERS for me when He touched someone’s heart to help with my RV and Truck… I have ABSOLUTELY no idea who was behind it but whoever it was THANK YOU LORD AND WHOEVER!!!! While I was there I sure wished there was an interpreter there but I was able to just get what I could to undy Bro. DR… I can’t from singers… Lord had blessed my heart to see souls saved and lives changed and even challenged!!! The Tent Meeting reminded me of old-timey days Tent Meetings! And America needs Tent Meetings and OLD FASHION preachings back again when back in Olden Days from DL MOODY and BILLY SUNDAY and SHEFFEY preached the messages and souls all across the country was lead to Jesus Christ and we need that back again!!!! DR is DL Moody and Billy Sunday all wrapped in 1 body… As DC is coming to arrival date… I will be there and I CERTAINLY can’t wait to see what God has in store there and what gonna happen!! I have gained new friends there in Roberta GA and to see many people saved there is a GREAT BIG DEAL!!!! I pray that Tent Meeting will continue til Heavenbound!!!! IF only rioters and others would see the need for Jesus how much more better America be?!?!?!?!?!?!

Karen Pressley Says:

“I just wanted to say I Loved the preaching and singing every night. July 23rd I heard Dr preach on heIl prayed a prayer that Dr led and JESUS was so real to me I have been away from the Lord so I prayed for forgiveness! For the first time, I got to hear Dr dad preach it was wonderful. It was such a blessing to hear this preaching and singing again Please always keep this online y’all are such a blessing Praise GOD y’all prayed for my daughter Anna and she got in touch with me PTLPlease continue prayers for my son Paul in the Air Force Thank yall!”

Larry Spillers Says:

“The Central Georgia Awakening was an incredible working of God’s spirit within our community. It personally brought my walk with Christ closer. It unified those in Christ of our community, bringing them closer to God and in one mind and one accord. The Holy Spirit worked to save and restore lives, not only in the community but also within my direct family.

I want to thank those men that have prayed many fervent prayers to bring revival to our community. I want to thank Pastor Chep Cooper of Crossroads Community Church for having the vision to bring the crusade to our community. I want to thank DR Harrison, his family, and the entire team for coming to Roberta, Georgia to share the gospel; being lead by the Holy Spirit. I also want to express my gratitude for how he and his entire team became, not only friends but, part of our community’s family.

DR Harrison gave back directly, tangible and significant to our community, especially to our youth. I pray that GOD will reward him greatly for his servant’s heart.

My prayer is that this fire continues to burn in our lives, Churches, and community. I pray that it will bring our family and Churches close together in our community in a unified force to serve God and to continue to proclaim the Gospel.”

Doug Stroup Says:

“It was a wonderful honor for me to be the Song Leader at the Central Ga Awakening in Roberta, Ga. Seeing the Holy Spirit move in such a mighty way night after night really touched my heart and showed me that God is still at work. He still loves us and desires all to come to know him personally. In spite of how all the evil around the world is getting worse every day, the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is still the answer.”

Cherrie Burdeshaw Says:

“Come with me for an 8-week journey that changed my life. Watch as an 83-year-old Mother and a 79-year-old Dad get saved. Look at the family members, who have prayed for them for years, weep over this incredible victory. Watch a young girl go to the platform and ask D. R. to have the people pray for her Dad, who is an alcoholic and was just taken from her and put in jail. Look as people surround the platform, weeping and praying as D. R. has his arms around the little girl, praying. And look, as 97 people, mostly teens, pour down to the altar and get saved. Look at them stretched from one end of the tent to the other. What a beautiful sight! Oh, wow, look across the street, as prisoners in the yard of the jail are standing, listening to D. R. preach. And hear the shouts of victory as some in their 70’s, 60’s, 50’s, all ages weep their way to Jesus at an old fashioned altar. Listen to D. R., as he is dismissing the service and says to us that a guy was at home when the Lord pierced his heart and he called and said he was coming to the tent to be saved. And watch as dozens of teens come forward, get in a big circle, pray, cry, and all commit to pray at 3 every day for revival. This is only the tip of the iceberg of 8 weeks of incredible miracles. You ask me how it touched my life. I have seen the Lord. I have watched Him work miracles. I have felt His very presence. It has changed my life forever. I will never be the same.”

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Central Georgia Awakening Update
July 5th, 2020

We finished up week 5 on last night and my what a service God gave us! The tent was filled to capacity with hundreds gathering outside the tent! From the opening song the presence of God was so real! During the invitation, 27 people gave their hearts to Christ!

Voice of Hope Central Georgia Awakening July 4th

Over 5 weeks, 242 people have trusted Christ with over 140 churches supporting the crusade. Lord willing, week 6 will begin on Monday night! We are thankful for what God is doing, in Georgia, during these perilous times we are facing.

We are thrilled at what God is doing in Georgia. Please pray for us as we start week 3 on June 15.

Voice of Hope Central Georgia Awakening July 4th
Voice of Hope Central Georgia Awakening July 4th

Central Georgia Awakening Update
June 12, 2020

To God be the Glory! For great things, HE hath done!

This week we faced much opposition during the early part of the week, but God’s people turned up the prayer and fasting, and by Wednesday night, the Power of God fell under the tent!

On Wednesday night, 5 people trusted Christ including, a 78-year-old man that had been praying for over 40 years to get saved!

Thursday night, God gave Bro DR a brand new message entitled, “Is There Hope For This Godless Generation?” The altars filled with people weeping over their kids, their communities, and their Nation! That night, Bro DR called for a 24 hour fast for Friday nights service. Nearly all of the congregation committed to join him in this endeavor.

The Central Georgia Awakening Under The Tent During Week 2
The Central Georgia Awakening Tent During Week 2

On Friday, the tent began to fill up nearly 2 hours before service began. Around 6:30, one young lady under conviction and got saved! Once service began, the Spirit of God began to move even stronger. Bro DR preached his testimony, “From a Bar to a Burden”, and when the invitation was given, 97 people walked the aisle and trusted Christ!

We are thrilled at what God is doing in Georgia. Please pray for us as we start week 3 on June 15.

The Central Georgia Awakening Under The Tent During Week 2

Central Georgia Awakening Update
June 5, 2020

Revival Underway!

Monday night, June 1, the Tent Crusade in Georgia began. From the opening song, you could sense the excitement, the hunger, the anticipation, and most importantly, the presence of God under the tent.

This week in the midst of riots, people driving by cussing God and the tent, all of the spiritual warfare and opposition, 39 people walked the aisle and trusted Christ! We finished week 1 with a baptismal service last night with 4 new converts following the Lord in believers baptism. We will be baptizing each week while the tent is in town.

Central Georgia Awakening
Central Georgia Awakening

I want to thank the 52 churches who came out for week 1 and supported this endeavor, and for all of the hard-working people in Georgia!

We are praying for God to pour out His Spirit, on this town, and change lives for time and for eternity.

Central Georgia Awakening
Central Georgia Awakening

Central Georgia Awakening Update
May 18, 2020

The Tent Is In The Air!!!

THANK YOU to everyone that worked so hard this weekend! Dozens of men, from 3 states, gathered together in preparation for the Central Georgia Awakening Tent Crusade! June 1 is just around the corner…

We are begging God to move in this town! It’s time to SEEK THE LORD while HE may be found! For more information click the link below.

Central Georgia Awakening Revival Sign

The Central Georgia Awakening Gallery