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“So built we the wall; and all the wall was joined together unto the half thereof: for the people had a mind to work.” – Nehemiah 4:6

Recommended Reading:
Nehemiah 4:6

Nehemiah is a powerful book in the Word of God. I love Nehemiah because he had passion, conviction, boldness, and was a courageous leader in a seemingly hopeless situation. In the midst of the wall of Jerusalem being broken down, and the gates being burned with fire, Nehemiah didn’t accept that as the “New Normal”, or sit around and hope for someone else to step up and do something about it. The Bible says in chapter 1 that Nehemiah recognized the need, wept, mourned, fasted, and prayed to God. God showed mercy to Nehemiah, and the children of Israel, and put into motion the process of building back, what the enemy had destroyed.

When I read Nehemiah I see a whole lot of similarities in America today. The walls of our faith, family, and freedoms have been broken down. When I see America today my heart breaks at the nation she has become. Our moral values have been polluted by the evil forces of hell. Our integrity is all but a faint memory of generations gone by. The remnant, that is left, is scattered, scared, and are satisfied with accepting this as the “New Normal.”

My friends, I’m here to say, it’s time to BUILD! I refuse to sit back, rollover, and allow the devil and his pawns to destroy everything that God has blessed us with. Nehemiah had the vision to build. Nehemiah, in the midst of opposition, never wavered from the task at hand. He never accepted what was, but was determined to rebuild what had been taken from them.

Friends, we must build back the walls of our faith, freedoms, and values in America. Some say it’s too far gone, but I say all we need is a remnant, and a man that’s broken, burdened and has a vision like Nehemiah to stand up, gather the people, and start BUILDING!


~ Evangelist DR Harrison