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“Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” – Exodus 20:3

Recommended Reading:
Exodus 20:3

For decades the “Church” has convinced itself that everything is ok. That God understands our busy schedules, our need for our hobbies, and the need for trinkets and toys. We have systematically pushed God out of our lives and replaced Him with frivolous, temporal, things that bring brief satisfaction, but leave us empty. These things have taken the place of our faithfulness to church, our faithfulness to give, and our faithfulness to reach a lost and dying world.

Isn’t it amazing though how quickly those things can vanish? In just a moment, all of this “Stuff” we have spent our lives trying to get, has all been taken away! Those careers you devote 100 hours a week to is now in jeopardy. That 401K you spend hours a week watching has lost almost half of its value. Those trinkets you worshipped just 2 weeks ago, now you are trying to sell so you can afford to buy groceries and keep the lights on. It’s amazing how quickly our “gods” lose their priority in our lives, isn’t it?

My friends, we had better heed the warning God is sending us! He will have NO other gods before Him. He has been long-suffering to all of us and has taken a back seat to our petty, fleshly, lusts long enough. I believe God is trying to get our attention!

We had better repent and put God back where He belongs in our lives! I’m afraid if we don’t, the Coronavirus is only the BEGINNING of what is going to happen! REMEMBER, REPENT, and RETURN to the LORD YOUR GOD!


~ Evangelist DR Harrison