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“Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them.” – Psalms 119:165

Recommended Reading:
Psalms 119:165

If you are easily offended you will never be mighty. You can’t be mighty and petty at the same time! We are living in a super-sensitive generation that is ready at any moment to be OFFENDED. It’s almost like they aren’t happy unless they are offended!

The sad part is, that same “personality disorder” has crept into the church. People are so easily offended by the truth. We are living in a day where people want their ears tickled with a watered-down, prosperity “Gospel” that allows them to feel good about themselves, while they indulge in their habits of sin.

My friends, you will always be able to learn how spiritual someone is based on how easily they are offended! Mark it down!

Listen, it’s time to grow up! God doesn’t need a bunch of carnal Christians running around whining about everything. He’s looking for some warriors that will stand and fight the devil and his demons.

God will always test your intent by insult! Because if an insult can make you quit, you aren’t fit for the calling, to begin with.


~ Evangelist DR Harrison