Voice of Hope Ministries


I believe in HOLY GHOST ANOINTED preaching. I believe in HOLY GHOST ANOINTED singing. (Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs.) I believe in HOLY GHOST ANOINTED altar calls. I believe the BIBLE is the inspired, infallible word of God. I believe ministry still works. I believe personal soul-winning still works. I believe that Revival is just as much possible today as it’s ever been. I believe the pulpits of America are polluted with con-men and puppets who are controlled by Satan himself. As a result of such corrupt pulpits, it’s created pews that are full of people who have never been converted.

I believe we don’t know as much about the Holy Ghost as we all claim to know. I believe the most overused and abused phrase in our pulpits and pews today is, “God told me!” I believe we have all sickened God with our pride. I believe the biggest missing part in the church today is brokenness. I believe anything that points to self or brings glory to self is not of the Holy Ghost no matter how good it sounds or feels. I believe that none of us know it all but all of us think we do. I believe there’s a big difference between BIBLE and PREFERENCE. I believe most don’t have the ability to discern the two. I believe if you go around talking about how ANOINTED you are, there’s a 100% chance you aren’t. True anointing is manifested through true humility. Without humility, you aren’t ANOINTED, you’re simply ARROGANT. I believe if you spend more time picking apart every preacher you don’t agree with rather than reaching SINNERS with the Gospel, you aren’t fit to scrub toilets much less stand behind a pulpit and preach God’s word.

I believe judgment begins at the house of God and I believe the worse judgment of all is God removing his presence from the church. Most churches don’t even recognize that He’s not there and they go on as business as usual.

I believe that if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. The GOSPEL is the power. (Romans 1:16) It doesn’t need any HELP to do its job.

I believe a Revival is coming. I believe a great harvest is coming. I believe Jesus is coming soon. I believe we’re going to be shocked at who’s left behind and who goes. I believe COVID-19 started exposing the wheat from the tares.

I believe the worse part of standing before God is going to be when He looks at each of us and asks us why we sacrificed the souls of people for our stuff, our cliques, our opinions, and ultimately our ego of trying to be right in our own eyes.

I believe that some of y’all are so contentious that you will pick this apart to find something you disagree with….but I believe that I will still love you anyway.


~ Evangelist DR Harrison